Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thursday Night Fun Times

I'm a pretty lazy gal so instead of spending time writing a mediocre review of our Thursday trip to Athens for an amazing New Pornographers show, I will let my husband do it...except his is great, not mediocre like mine would be, just to clarify. BTW - he's started updating his blog again (and switched from blogger so update your links!) if you want to add it back as one of your "procrastination destinations". He also took this pic of the marquee outside the show....well done I think.

I will just add this about the show: it was the first time I have known every song start to finish and I realized there are two things that make me smile uncontrollably: amazing music and roller coasters. I end up sporting a seriously silly, enormous grin on my face that I absolutely can't get rid of....and why would I want to? Anyway, it was truly fantastic and 100% worth the drive and shock that ensued when the alarm went off Friday morning. We are like so rock star and stuff.

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