Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cam on the Run

Yeah, yeah, i already suck as a blogger. I know this. What do you expect when my blogging mentor is this guy?

This will be very quick as my job is ruling my life right now. I am now in my third week of training for the ING marathon in March (still more to come on that, i promise). I am a team in training participant and am sticking to the training schedule i was given when i first joined the program. Between traveling for work and the holidays, i have missed a few days here and there but have pretty much stuck to it as much as i possibly can and have been pretty proud of myself...three weeks down, like 177 more to go or something. I've noticed in some of the emails i've received from my mentor and training coaches that they keep mentioning "walk" and when i went to my first GTS ("group training session" for you less-cool folk), i discovered that i had been matched up with a walk program mentor instead of run program mentor. I didn't think much of it at the time telling myself that at some point i need to notify the staff so i can be paired up with an appropriate mentor. When i received my weekly TNT email yesterday i wrote the girl back letting her know that i need to be switched and she said that it would be no problem and she'll put my new schedule in the mail right away. New schedule?!?!? What the hell? I didn't even think about the fact that possibly the schedule i had been given was the walk schedule. Sure enough when i went home and checked, the word "WALKING" is clearly displayed at the top of the schedule. So these three long weeks i've been plugging along, sticking to the wrong schedule. so sad. I have no idea what the run schedule is like. Maybe i'm ahead of the game...maybe i am behind. This is my first little hiccup of what i am assuming will be a lot of little hiccup's along the way so we'll have to see how well i bounce back. I'll let you know when my shining new RUN schedule comes in the mail. *the pic is of my most favorite running stretch*

Charles and i head to philly on saturday to see Mr.Jeremy Enigk sing his little heart out. There were tears when i heard his voice through a phone receiver, wonder what it'll be like live? Also on the agenda are philly cheesesteaks and a trip to H&M (i've been saving my pennies!).

Sadly, we returned from PCB with no airbrushed shirts or pics of my grandmother binge drinking but she did say "give me that bottle of wine and i'll show you drunk!". that was good enough for me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Third times a charm?

Blog attempt number three and the first time I will let my friends know a "cami" blog exists. Ha! And you thought you knew me...

What better time to re-launch my blogging endeavors than at work the day before Thanksgiving? So, here goes. In honor of this most gluttonous of holidays and the joy my mouth will experience with the first bite of fried turkey, here are the things I am most thankful for, in list form, of course (but not necessarily in ranking order...except for the first one).

* my husband, family and friends
* a working fireplace
* my health
* the chance to have another Thanksgiving with my grandfather
* people who truly love to organize and lead so I can join a book club and all I have to do is read!
* my dog
* saturday mornings at "Erin Go Breakfast" - don't think you can get away with only doing that once...
* the big dumpster next to our house
* my real simple weekly newsletter (even though I may never put into practice the helpful hints, it's nice to know someone is trying to help me)
* being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family
* good friends that are ready and willing to watch my dog when we're out of town
* pumpkin pie
* that the day after Thanksgiving is a corporate holiday
* having my best friend live half a mile away
* all the people who will donate money to the leukemia & lymphoma society enabling me to run in the ING marathon and help save lives all at the same time (more to come on that later but get ready, friends!!!)

Happy, happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving! Charles and I will be celebrating "Turkey Break 2006 Woo Hoo!!!" in Panama City Beach, Florida. If all works out to plan, there will be airbrushed t-shirts and a picture of my grandmother funneling a beer to commemorate this momentous event. Wish me luck!

**author's note - while proof-reading this post, I noticed I am extremely inconsistent with my use of capitalization. please note that this inconsistency will continue throughout all other posts from here on out.